At Edge 4, we understand that not everyone knows or is even interested in knowing about all the issues involved with creating and maintaining websites. With this in mind, we try to make each stage of our process as clear and simple as possible for our clients.

In general, our services can be divided into the following categories. We consider these services to be the 4 Edges that we offer to each client's website.

There is no cost or obligation to have Edge 4 provide an initial estimate for your project. Contact us today to Get Started.

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Website Design

The design and development team at Edge 4 has the experience, knowledge, and creativity to build custom, professional websites for all different industries. Whether you already know exactly what you want for your website or need help in deciding how your site should look and function, we work with you every step of the way to create a website that you'll be proud to call your own.

All of our work is performed in-house. We do not use pre-existing templates or outsource work to other companies. So, when viewing our work, you can rest assured that the same designers who created those websites will be working on your project. To judge the quality of our work for yourself, please take a look at our website samples.

Website Development

Edge 4 offers the highest level of programming services available. All of our websites include The Content Manager, a very flexible and powerful content management system that can be customized to your specific needs. For you, this basically means that complex functionality can be added to your website quickly and at a much lower cost. Following are just a few of the ways that Edge 4 offers to enhance your website:

  • Formatted Data - In addition to the formatting that takes place automatically for all pages of your website, there is often a need for custom formatting of certain website information. For example, when displaying information that has been entered in one of The Content Manager Modules (News, Events, Employees, Properties, etc.), you might need a page set up to automatically display a title, description, and image for each entry.

  • E-Commerce - If you need any type of e-commerce solution, Edge 4 can provide all necessary website functionality (ex. product display pages, shopping cart pages, and checkout pages) as well as all required behind-the-scenes functionality (ex. adding and editing product information, specifying shipping and other checkout options, and viewing online orders).

  • Contact Forms - With our contact forms, you have the unique ability to add and edit the available form fields. You can also view form submissions and specify email addresses to receive notification.

  • Log-In Areas - Many websites include a separate area for providing private information to authorized users. For example, your website might need a log-in area where members can download important documents or images.

  • Dynamic Pages - For certain types of website information, Edge 4 has made it possible to easily provide a full page of additional information. For example, when displaying events on your website, you might like to link to a detailed page of information for a particular event.

  • Website Teasers - It has become very popular for website pages to contain teasers which link to other pages of potential interest. Edge 4 has created a system to easily create and manage your teasers.

  • Image Galleries - Edge 4 offers a variety of image gallery options. We can set you up to add your own galleries or just manage the galleries (change appearance order, add descriptions, etc.) that we create for you.

  • Emails & Online Newsletters - The Add-On Modules for Emails and Newsletters are very popular website additions. With these modules, you have access to powerful functionality for a very low price.

In the event that you should require programming that is different than any existing module or current functionality, you can have confidence that Edge 4 has the ability to provide the custom programming necessary. In addition, if your request is considered appropriate for other potential clients, the development cost could be greatly reduced. For questions regarding potential development projects, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Website Maintenance

Because our clients have the ability to update site content by themselves, they typically have much less need for website maintenance. However, we are always ready to assist you with any website work (image editing, advanced formatting, etc.). Requested maintenance for existing website pages is guaranteed to be completed within 2 - 3 days, and is generally done the same day of the request. All maintenance services are charged at our current hourly rates.

Quite often, Edge 4 clients continue to improve and add functionality to their websites. For any larger projects required, our process is similar to that undertaken for the initial creation of a website. After discussing the project in detail, a scope of work is defined, and a fixed bid is provided at no charge. Once approval has been given, work commences according to schedule.

Website Marketing

Our staff offers a full range of Internet marketing services to assist with raising your website's page rank and increasing traffic to your website. Edge 4 is happy to get you started so that you can market on your own. Or, we can provide all services on an hourly basis.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Initially, we perform extensive research within your specific field of service and/or products, implement changes including the addition of META tags and Google Analytics to the site code (offered in a module in The Content Manager), create and submit site maps, and follow-up on submission completion. This is only the start of your journey towards getting your site noticed online (see below).

  • Inbound Link Building - Most site owners don't realize that links have a bearing on their search engine position. Since the search engines were having difficulty figuring out the best match for specific search terms, they decided to use inbound links (or backlinks) as a way of recruiting website owners to help point the way towards useful sites and pages. Inbound links are links that are located on another website that link to your site. The process of link building will take time and dedication between us and the client in contacting potential link sources. We also work to try to obtain the best position for the link regarding placement and wording on the target website.

  • Directories - Getting your site listed in directories can increase the likelihood that it will eventually show in web search results and will further increase your inbound link building. There are several free directories and some important paid ones - like Yahoo - where your website can be submitted.

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) - If more immediate results are desired, a client may consider paid placement campaign(s). With Google AdWords, you can target highly searched, relevant terms increasing your brands exposure, driving traffic and getting the results you want. This involves time in preparing and managing your campaigns. Also, a budget will be identified to be used in AdWords to pay for your clicks. There are other placement opportunities as well such as Facebook Ads, Yahoo Sponsored Search, etc.

  • Online Advertising Strategies - Social Media can be used to compliment the marketing activities that you are using in your current campaigns. These may include the set-up and use of blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media-based marketing. The Content Manager also offers a Formatted Email module and Online Newsletters module for staying in contact with your prospects and clients.

We recently updated our website with Edge 4. I can easily keep our site up to date with The Content Manager program which is important to us in our fast changing business environment.