The Content Manager is the CMS (content management system) that has been created for the use of all Edge 4 clients. It offers clients the ability to access and change every piece of text and every graphic that appears within the content portion of their website.

Many years of development have been devoted to making The Content Manager as powerful and easy-to-use as possible. When you are ready to see it in action for yourself, contact us to arrange a demo.

To find out more about how The Content Manager works and how it can benefit you, please view the following:

Additional information can be found at

678-72-EDGE4 (3-3434)

The Content Manager Basics

When you log-in to The Content Manager, you have access to the pages and data modules (see below) that have been set up for your website. As you Add | Edit | Delete content, the information is saved in a database. Your website is also programmed to read that same information/data. Content formatting takes place automatically with no need for you to understand how to specify fonts, headers, colors, spacing, etc.

Although The Content Manager may contain different information for each client, there are a few types of functionality that are available to every website. First, you can have as many users as you would like to make website changes and each user can be limited to only access specified pages or modules if desired. Next, you always have quick access to basic instructions and program help. And finally, you have both the ability to immediately change website content and the ability to make and view temporary changes that do not affect the live version of the website until you are ready.

The Content Manager Modules

In The Content Manager, a "Module" is a group of pages that have been created for adding, editing, deleting and viewing a specific kind of data. For example, the Products Module is used for maintaining the product information that is displayed on a website and the Events Module is used for maintaining the event information that is displayed on a website. In general, modules make it much easier to maintain a large group of data that needs to be displayed on your website.

A wide range of modules have already been created for The Content Manager. New modules and custom (client specific) modules are added when necessary. Following is a list of the modules that are currently available:

  • Clients
  • Companies
  • Contacts
  • Customers
  • Downloads
  • Employees
  • Events

  • FAQs
  • Home Plans
  • Image Galleries
  • Jobs
  • Links
  • Locations
  • Members

  • Neighborhoods
  • News
  • Online Applications
  • Online Orders
  • Online Payments
  • Partners
  • Patients

  • Physicians
  • Products
  • Projects
  • Properties
  • Rates
  • Resources
  • Sales Team

  • Schedules
  • Specialties
  • Teasers
  • Testimonials
  • Timelines
  • Trade Shows
  • Videos

The Content Manager Add-Ons

In addition to all of the functionality that The Content Manager offers your website, two additional modules have been created to help you beyond the scope of your site. The use of these modules requires a small set-up fee and an additional low monthly charge.

One available add-on module is the Emails Module. This module offers a great way to send formatted email messages to a small group of people. The emails can have up to 3 columns and include the same easy options for creating and editing content that are found in other areas of The Content Manager.

Another add-on module is the Newsletters module. This module offers a great alternative to sending out costly printed versions of your company newsletters. The module is simple to use and can produce very professional results. The online newsletters can also be easily linked to from within your site or from an email message.

Benefits of The Content Manager

Whether you are interested in getting a new website or in having your current website converted to add content management capability, The Content Manager is a great choice. The product features listed below give you just a small glimpse of what this CMS has to offer.

  • Easy To Use CMS - It only takes a few minutes to learn how to add and edit content for any page of your site. Online help is immediately available at all times.

  • Powerful - A wide variety of modules have been created to help you with entering even the most complex information. New modules are being added regularly as client needs are identified.

  • Affordable - The Content Manager will save you thousands of dollars when compared to the cost of creating your own custom site backend.

  • Flexible - Every module can be set to include only the information that you need. Also, the modules are totally customizable. Any additional fields that are required for your data can be added almost instantly.

  • Convenient - As long as you have an Internet connection, you can change your site content from any place at any time.

  • Fast - Any site changes can be made immediately. However, if you would like to play around with site content before turning it live, this option is also available.

  • Unlimited - There are no limits to the amount of content that you can enter for a page or for the amount of data that you can enter in your site modules.

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