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Project Background

Selectek is an engineering and technology solutions staffing company in business since 1991. Edge 4 was contracted to develop a business management Web program to bring online several in-house accounting reports for their Operations, Admin, Recruiting and Sales Departments.

The reports were originally created several years ago in-house by the client using Microsoft Excel features such as calculations, pivot tables, and its built-in macro programming language. However, the reports began to fail as Microsoft Excel continuously required updating, subsequently causing cross-reporting macros to be inoperable.

Additionally, Selectek was manually inputting payroll information in Excel for gross profit and commission reports which can now be streamlined using a custom CSV import written by Edge 4. This process reduces the potential for human error when transferring the data into their reports.

Project Highlights

Edge 4 initially met with Selectek to review the overall scope of their desired program. The initial design was created and its overall login functionality created.

External data from other sources is used to populate reports. Therefore, procedures were formulated to provide a way for this data to be easily added to the SQL database by the client.

Selectek provides each individual report outline to Edge 4 with their needs and requirements including projected data calculations. Reports are developed for review and then copied live to the team when completed.

Below are just a few of the features developed for the Selectek online application:

  • Secure password-protected login
  • Different viewable data upon login for Operations, Admin, Recruiters, Sales and Managers
  • Manual input and custom CSV imports of data.
  • Programming on reports to run all calculations on the fly so that data is always accurate.
  • Filters to view data reports by weeks, week ranges, quarters, years and employees.

Selectek reports custom programmed by Edge 4:

  • 401k & Insurance
  • Buyouts
  • Clients
  • Commission Summary
  • Weekly Commissions
  • Department Dashboards
  • Department Profit/Loss
  • Employees
  • Expense reports
  • Goals
  • Gross Profit
  • Health Care
  • Holiday & Longevity
  • Hours
  • Operations Dashboard
  • Overhead
  • Payroll
  • Performance
  • Profitability
  • Rates
  • Users

Project Maintenance

Edge 4 realizes the investment clients spend with their time and money in creating custom programs. Therefore, we work hard to ensure we provide the highest level of service for a long-term relationship and partnership.

We continue to work with Selectek on an ongoing basis to develop new reports and maintain the integrity of the program. We also host the program on our dedicated server.

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